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TIEI specializes in training people from all forms of background with or without prior experience in trading. Through are structures courses one get chose the speed of learning to excel in the eduction.


TIEI offers guest lecturing at colleges around the country on all the topics of trading financial markets. Availability subjected to scheduling.


TIEI offers corporate training to small, mid and large scale brokerage firms domestically and internationally. The course will be customized as per the company’s specific needs and as per the trader/researcher style and markets in focus. In person training will be conduct as per request along with online training. Partner with us to be educational arm for your clients need.

Trading and Investment Educational Institute specializes in educating people that are interested in learning how to trade the broad
spectrum of financial markets. The mission of our institute is to make the learning process simple, exciting, and fun while imparting education
of the highest quality. In addition, our goal is to educate our students about how to invest wisely while being able to make better
decisions for themselves with the financial markets.

The Financial Markets represent a way for the average investor to manage their own personal wealth through active trading or
longer term investing. Trading involves risk but it can be managed with adherence to strict discipline, which is what you will learn in great
detail at TIE institute. We are one of the very few firms which teach first-class education through options, futures, and stocks for one low
price for all modules. Our instructors run successful alternate trading business allowing TIEI to pass on that amazing discount to our clients,
which allows us to offer the best education possible for a low price.

More people in this current economy are taking charge of their finances and managing them on their own. This financial freedom allows people more flexibility and control over their finances. With an
education on trading, you too can become financially independent and manage your own fortune. You can either put your hard earned money in a bank for a very small return or invest in one of the markets that you will learn about at TIEI for a limited risk and possible great return.

Our institute has a systematic way of introducing material in small increments, allowing you to absorb a vast amount of material over
a short period of time. Through our exciting and innovative learning approaches we will give great clarity to the complex world of trading.
Whether you are new to the trading world or have years of experience, the TIE institute will expand your knowledge and advance your trading


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