Why TIE Institute is the Best Choice

When choosing an educational institution for your learning needs, it is
important to find the right school for you.

TIE Institute is one of the few educational companies that are featured at colleges and universities. TIE Institute offers a unique approach to investing as it combines charting, options, futures, and forex into one course because we believe all markets are interrelated and need to be learned in conjunction to garner trading success. TIE Institute will optimize your trading abilities and give you all the tools you need to become financially independent. Our classes are extremely affordable on any budget and our educational counselors can customize a program for you.

We offer 3 Course types:

The Virtual Classroom allows you to access our online classes from anywhere in the world and when your schedule permits.

This online program is a one (1) month course that is broken-up into four (4) modules (Charting, Options/Stocks, Futures, and Forex). Inside these four modules, the classes are separated into the “Theory” and “Intraday Live” sections of the course. In the Intraday Live session you will see the knowledge learned in the Theory session come to life.

For a limited time, when you sign up for one (1) month of our Virtual Classroom course, TIE Institute is going to give you bonus thirty two(32) hours of instruction for free with your purchase of thirty-two (32) hours virtual classroom course. If you miss any session you are allowed to re-attend the session for no extra cost.

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Virtual Classroom Schedule

Day Charting (Week #1) Options / Stocks (Week #2) Futures (Week #3) Forex (Week #4)
Monday Theory 8-10pm Theory 8-10pm Theory 8-10pm Theory 8-10pm
Tuesday Intraday Live 9-11am Intraday Live 9-11am Intraday Live 9-11am Intraday Live 9-11am
Wednesday Theory 8-10pm Theory 8-10pm Theory 8-10pm Theory 8-10pm
Thursday Intraday Live 9-11am Intraday Live 9-11am Intraday Live 9-11am Intraday Live 9-11am
Hours (32 Total) 8 Hours 8 Hours 8 Hours 8 Hours
Please contact us for more information.

Trading & Investment Educational Institute – Modules

These modules will be covered in the Theory lessons of the virtual classroom sessions.

Charting: Learn the basics of trading (Foundation), and read charts on any timeframe. Charts give an accurate description as to what is occurring in the market at any point of time. Since trading is largely based on fear and greed we can use our superior knowledge in charting to predict, with a high degree of accuracy, where an underlying instrument will go in any timeframe. You will learn how to profit in both up and down markets with low risk.

Options/Stocks: Learn how to trade stocks and how to use options to leverage your capital in order to invest in the stock market for fraction of the cost. Options were originally designed to protect against risk, but now nvestors can use them to speculate in the stock market for much less than the stock price. By using options correctly, a trader can not only make money through trending markets, but also through sideways markets.

Forex: Forex will allow an investor to trade currencies against each other, such as
eur/usd gpb/usd etc. This rapidly expanding market is changing the way a short term trader makes critical decisions during the day as currencies play an important role in dictating future prices and the direction of the global stock markets in general. Forex or FX is a market that has twenty-four (24) hour price action however, we will teach you the best times to trade and what currency pairs to trade.

Futures: Learn how to buy and sell future contracts that could possibly predict the future performance of stock indices or commodities. The term “futures” include physical commodities such as metals, energy, grains, and livestock. They also include many financial futures like e-minis, currency futures, and much more. There exists a myriad of ways in which one can use futures and we will teach you how to put them into motion. Our focus in this market will be primarily on intraday tactics using futures while simultaneously minimizing risk in each trade.

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For those who prefer a more hands on approach, TIE Institute offers Live Classrooms. There are two (2) different options for this style of learning, which are a seminar or a seven (7) day cruise.

Live Seminar


At our seminars, TIE Institute educators will walk you through the world of trading in just three (3) days. These eight (8) hour days are filled with instructions and visuals, allowing you to absorb the trading education at a quick pace.

In addition to the seminar, TIE Institute will also give you two (2) months of the Intraday Live sessions for no additional charge.

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For a one-on-one experience TIE Institute offers private mentoring.

This type of learning experience offers an opportunity for you to learn in an intimate environment with one of our senior staff members. You will be given undivided attention and will be taught in a personal atmosphere. In addition to learning the knowledge privately, we will also design a specific educational plan that is tailored to your needs, such as your risk appetite, time availability, and choice of interests.

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