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Most institutions present one or two different vehicles to their students, but we believe that in order to be a complete trader/investor one needs to have knowledge in all of the disciplines because they are all connected. At TIEI we focus on the big picture of trading, which means teaching all the different trading vehicles such as forex, futures, options, stocks, and how to day trade these vehicles.

This approach has delivered superior results for our students and has made them a more complete trader/investor.

The answer is yes! We have many clients who work during the day, but can put on trades the night before or the first thing in the morning without interfering with their job. The style of trader and how active you want to be is up to you and what works with your schedule.

At the very minimum a student will understand how to grow their retirement accounts at a high level through various low risk option

In our trading room we go over different trading scenarios that will occur during an average market day. It is a great way to
support students who are enrolled in our program to learn the practical application of the theory sessions. We have live chat available where you can ask your questions and it will be answered by the faculty during the session.

Most of our students have no experience in the trading and investing fields when they begin with TIE Institute. More people are managing their own finances rather than giving their hard-earned money to an advisor who might not make a reasonable return but still get their management fee. With strict discipline and risk management training, the markets can be utilized to garner profits consistently. With the help of TIE Institute you can scale down risk to one dollar per trade in the forex market or you can trade volatile gold futures. We have very conservative approaches to trading as well as aggressive ones to fit everyone’s risk threshold. Trading, like any rewarding endeavor, will require study and once mastered can be profitable.

The size of an account depends on what market you want to trade in. Whether one trades futures, forex, or stocks will change the size of the account you will want to use. For example if a trader wants to day trade stocks they should have over twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) in their brokerage account. Or if the same trader wanted to swing trade options, then a far less amount of money is needed. With forex, you can start an account with fewer than two thousand dollars ($2,000). With these different options, everyone can participate in the markets no matter what your starting capital is.

We do have the option for you to buy individual course in our online package. However, the course on charting is a prerequisite for forex, futures, and options as it is the basic elements of other session. If you are experienced in the same then you are allowed to skip it after a brief interview with our education counselor. You will save money by purchasing the class as a whole, rather than in individual modules.

We do have the availability. Please call 1866-85-LEARN to discuss the option with our accounting department.

Because we are confident in our education, if after the first session of our Virtual Classroom or the first day of our live events, you are not satisfied in any way with our program, then we will give you a check for a full refund to your address.

Our online course comes with two (2) months of educational support, and our live events come with three (3) months of live intraday support to help you through the practical application of the course during the live market. If you have any question you can address it in the live chat box during the session and it will be answered during the course of the session.

After your course is over you can subscribe to our Intraday Live trading room at the rate of $297/month. We have clients who have been with us for several years as a subscriber after they have completed the course. We usually do not allow a trader, who has not completed our course, to use our subscription because some of our terms may seem confusing for the novice however, we can make that exception after an interview with our educational counselor. If you have any additional questions then we encourage you to come on one of our informative online events where we can showcase our education.

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